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The Pull

by on Nov.02, 2008, under Submitted

My cat was the first to notice.

I mean, of course I’ve heard that animals are more sensitive to things of this nature. But I was never entirely sure. Until Muffin started acting up.

It was semi-normal in the beginning. Muffin would run around the house at random, like cats do. And there were times where she would stop, like dead stop, and stare at corners of the room. Usually the top, up where the roof and the walls meet. I never thought much of it, assuming she was staring at a bug or a cobweb or something.

The house was a bit larger than I needed, since it was just Muffin and I, but the price was unbeatable. Ichor Falls wasn’t my first choice for a new home, but I wanted to be out of the way so that I could focus on my work. I was redrafting my screenplay to seal a contract with a major motion picture company and I couldn’t afford to be disturbed. Really, I only used two or three rooms and it was a five-bedroom affair, so there was a lot of empty space left over.

I had set up furniture in all of the rooms, since I wanted the place to be hospitable in case I ever had company. I spent most of my personal time in my chosen bedroom, the living room, or the den, which I had set up with my computer equipment and turned into a workspace.

It was there that I first encountered it.

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