Ichor Falls

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by admin on Nov.10, 2008, under Horror

Business these days… it ain’t what it was.

Moved here back in… don’t even remember now; it’s been that long. Figured, town needs a convenience store — hell, the whole world seems to need convenience stores. Why deprive myself of a steady living? Built my little store. Easy access to the highway, to the town main road. No-brainer, right? Get the tourists coming in for the Falls, and get the locals who need a quick somethin’-or-other. I win, the town wins, works all around.

Seemed to work for a time, too: got the locals pretty regularly, got the tourists sometimes, even got the odd state trooper who was comin’ in to have a look-around.

That store was the first smart thing I did. Life just crawls by when you got worries. Bills to pay, job after job, letting you go, gettin’ fired or laid off. Not now that I owned somethin’ people needed, people wanted. Time went by, I didn’t even notice. Years. Made pretty good money for my station, though I can’t say I saved much. How the time did fly.

Did notice though, when the tourists started dropping off, and the state troopers started picking up. I still had the locals, but they started bein’ different locals: at first, it was just poorer than usual, slower than usual — had to repeat myself when talkin’ to them, y’know? Also noticed how they wouldn’t come in the store if the troopers were here — figured it was ‘cuz they were illegals or somethin’. Nothing against that — times were gettin’ tough all over, and s’long as they paid, I had no complaints.

Nights were hardest — long nights, just me and the store, the odd shufflin’ local coming in or goin’, the lights buzzin’ overhead. Got to talkin’ to myself, playin’ the radio to make it seem like there was more company — these new customers couldn’t chit-chat for crap, I tell you that. Some seemed more smarter than others, but even they wouldn’t talk; you’d get a grunt or three, but mostly they just stared at you with this gleam in their eyes.

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