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My Life by J.G. Norrington

by on Nov.11, 2008, under Submitted

I got a job at the public library this summer. It wasn’t because I was strapped for cash — my parents were one of the prime investors in developing Ichor Falls, and they were always willing to help me “fund the local economy,” it was because I needed to get out of the house; away from the oppressively humid fog that circled our aging property.

The library is one of the only eternally cool buildings in town due to being constructed into the side of a hill; a network of sloping subterranean chambers, spiraling deeply into the earth so that the entrance was actually the third floor while the older books were down on the first. The story goes that the building was put here when a potential iron mine would not yield its expected fruit and the furious landowners gave up the land for public use. That was close to 200 years ago.

I was hired to do the dully repetitive job of transforming the card catalog into a computer database, another cog in New Elysium’s convoluted plot to revitalize the town. The third and second floors were a simple enough task; one card at a time, cataloging texts from the start to the finish of the last century. When I came across a particularly illegible card I would consult the ailing librarian, a Mr. Pennsworth, but otherwise I had started building up a fairly impressive database of hypothetical volumes.

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