Ichor Falls
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  1. Ofaloaf

    “Little-known holidays such as… TOTENKINDER”

    Yeah, I probably wouldn’t want to celebrate that holiday either. Good God.

  2. unequivocal

    Hurray! I can’t wait to see the new content!

  3. Hagrok

    This sounds amazing.

  4. C.S. Roberts

    Ooh, maybe some mining operations break into an antediluvian catacombs, and miners get trapped in there. Then when they emerge, they are possessed by arcane gaseous entities. Is that scary? Antediluvian civilizations have always piqued my interest. Lovecraft is Missing, if you aren’t reading it, has a good spooky edge to it. Yeah, this is just a reply to the earlier post, but I didn’t want to pile onto 59 comments.

  5. Pattom

    Finally, something to fill the hole in my heart left when Ichor Falls went on the backburner. Already loving it!

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