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Ichor Falls RPG at Go Play NW

by on Jun.20, 2010, under Meta

Saturday morning my friend Brendan Adkins introduced me and a group of players to Geiger Counter, a “cooperative survival horror” RPG that seemed more like group storyboarding than an actual game. I think it would be great to brainstorm a story out using Geiger Counter as a tool.

It was rooted in the mythos of Ichor Falls, and as far as Ichor Falls stories go, it actually adhered pretty well to the town. A library burned to the ground, the Amish children’s holiday Totenkinder figured heavily, and a driverless carriage that demanded a driver. It was pretty fascinating and genuinely upsetting at some points. I can see how it would be super effective late at night in the right setting. Thanks, Brendan, and the poor townspeople of Lucy, Chip, Jennifer, Katerina, Amos, Herbert and Omar.

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  1. Ajolin

    I would play it. You need to hook me up with some source books.

  2. Dylan

    I love how Ichor Falls is expanding beyond short story confines and moving into different media.

  3. Steve

    So do I. Ichor falls is a beloved portion of my fiction library. I love the whole idea behind the world. It’s been done before but never to this extent. We have seen everything from how this paranormal town affect high school drama to the elderly. We have read everything from the subtle hints of the beyond, to full on “this rates a 9.8 on my weird-shit-o-meter”.

    Also the fiction is still directed so every approved story adds to the world. I love it. My favorite fiction website by far……except for my adult fanfic Starslip/PVP website. LOL

  4. Danny

    i love it i want to get more into it

  5. Diablopro

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