Ichor Falls

Your aunt and I

by admin on May.03, 2010, under Horror

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  1. Dylan A.

    You can just barely make out the words “Candle Cove” on the TV screen. Haha.

  2. ForYou

    Candle Cove, yes?

  3. Torpedo Vegas

    That’s just…wierd. But when will we see some more stories rather than semi-disturbing photos?

  4. CoffeeJedi

    Oh cool! A pic of kids watching Candle Cove, neat!

  5. CoffeeJedi

    Hey, every time I refresh the page, the image on the tv changes to a differenct scene, how’d you do that?

  6. CoffeeJedi

    WHAT DID YOU DO KRIS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  7. Dylan Charles

    Is this the lead-in to some more Ichor Falls related media or just a one-shot?

  8. totheark

    ahh, candle cove.

  9. ingestiblebulk

    i hope it’s a lead in. however, i’ve been trying to play with the image in photoshop to see if there’s anything hidden. if i get anywhere, i’ll post it.

  10. Liz

    Isn’t it just a tie in to Candle Cove?

  11. Steve

    I think it’s a picture of kids watching Candle Cove

  12. Toast

    Maybe they’re watching Candle Cove? :O

  13. Torpedo Vegas

    Great. I need some decent creepypasta.

  14. KFN

    They’re watching Candle Cove, don’t you think?

  15. Seburon

    Cool, nice to see an update. Hope more will follow. Also, weird pic, but not really disturbing.

  16. Staarf

    I think it’s a Candle Cove reference, for two reasons:

    - Children staring intently at a blank television as if watching something, like the twist in the story.

    - Picture is dated the same year in which Candle Cove allegedly ran.

    That’s the only thing I can think of that would connect it to anything previously published on this site, but who knows. It might be a lead-in for an entirely new story, or just a stand-alone.

  17. waffle

    any one else see the face on the screen?

  18. o0o

    i was watching the Angel series on dvd recently and they had an episode with an evil children’s show, ‘Smile Time’. pretty funny ep.

  19. Torpedo Vegas

    But wasn’t it mentioned that candle cove was static, not just blackness?

  20. Lord Xtheth

    Awesome picture, I love the boat, it looks so creepy… that smile just gets to me.

  21. Tim Tylor

    Ah, the “Paste Whale” episode. I loved that, even if it did give me phobias.

  22. bethanythemartian

    God someone should have put up a warning that the Skin-Taker was in the photo. Trigger warning that kind of thing. Jeez.

  23. baby_girl_jen

    jesus, I remember this show. time trrriiippppp. <3
    i wonder if you can get the vhs tapes anymore.

  24. Anonymous

    It’s a TV with static on it. Big deal

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