Ichor Falls

Ichor Falls Book Now Available

by on Oct.15, 2009, under Meta

The first Ichor Falls book is available for purchase at my personal shop. It includes black and white reproductions of drawings, a little photography from the Falls, and a new town legend written especially for the book.

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  1. xEmox

    is this serious? Is this a story or an ad? I hope there actually is an Ichor Falls book around…

  2. Dylan Charles

    If I ever write an Ichor Falls story and not just generic horror and it was good enough to be included in a book, I’ll give you my permission now.

  3. admin

    Dylan, I may add Song and Dance Man to the book in a week or two. It’s one I really badly wanted to include but I couldn’t find your contact info. It’s really one of the best stories on the site, it resonated with me quite a bit.

  4. Dylan Charles

    You are definitely welcome to use it. Very cool and thanks you for the kind words.

  5. xEmox

    I liked the Song and Dance man too. It was pretty original.

  6. Michael L.

    Being wildly presumptuous here and saying if you want to use Cypocryphy in this or future books, by all means do.

    And maybe I’ll try to submit something new once I get the brainmeats to work in my favor. :/

  7. darkmayo

    Wow, thats awesome, some of these stories have been amazing (just read Song and Dance man and that gave me shivers)

  8. Andrew VanOrden

    I’d be happy to allow Wolves of the Stillwood, if it’s wanted.

  9. Tekkactus

    Just wondering, what stories on the site are included in the book?

  10. Serotonin

    Let us know when the Song and Dance man is in the book and i shall purchase.

  11. Lahis

    Ditto. Which stories?

  12. Sarah

    Freakin’ heck Kris-I just saw this… I’m in complete shock. Shock and awe and all that.
    This has literally just made up for the last incredibly hideous 3 months. Thank you!

  13. Sarah

    I’m excited for you – I linked the book from creepypasta, since I know tons of the people there are obsessed w/your Candle Cove story.

    I hope that you get a million sales <3333


  14. KH

    Got one, loving it :)

  15. Joey

    Hi, I found this site several months ago and all of the stories are really great. I was just wondering if there were going to be any more updates? Or is it just a case of no one having written anything for a while.

  16. AJ

    Kris, do you benefit more from someone buying it from your personal shop or the Amazon store? Need to know as I am going to purchase 2, count ‘em, 2 copies.

  17. admin

    I get a tiny bit more if you buy it from my shop.

  18. Steve

    YOU WILL POST MORE STORIES!!! Caps lock is used in a begging and pathetic tone here. Not an angry homicidal tone.

  19. klytus

    is Ichor Falls over? I hope not…. I miss the stories

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