Ichor Falls


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The favorite urban legend of the Mortuary School was the drunken student in the morgue. Either a student or a local boy– depending on the version. He and some friends go rabble rousing in the town. They get back to the campus completely sloshed. There is a dare to streak through campus and go into the morgue. His friends bar the door, and he passes out on the slab unable to get back out.

A class comes in early the next morning to perform an autopsy or an embalming on a cadaver. They find the boy naked on the slab. Sure it’s odd he has no tags, but what the hell it’s not like we have an over abundance of cadavers. There are many variations on the ending. In some he wakes up right before the first incision. Or during. In the funny ones he’s ousted by the gasps and pointing of female students at his erect penis. In the dark ones no one ever notices…

Victoria felt the ridges of the staples in the in the cadavers through the fingers of her latex gloves. A big cross on the man’s chest. One of the problems with the myth is that a school has no problem with reusing a cadaver on the newbies. Were these staples from the original autopsy or a subsequent? Hard to tell. The students observe one, but they never actually perform. The man’s toe tag reads Robin Smith. Must have died from embarrassment of his name.

She jabbed him in the chest with her index finger. The flesh was cold and spongy. It lacked the smooth elasticity of her own. Or the rigid stone of Rigor Mortis. She could have poked straight through him if she had a mind to. Victoria was always fascinated with death. She always watched it with an academic eye. It was something that only happened to grandparents and pets. It changed from hobby to career when a Pinkerton ran a Charger through a coal picket line.

Electricity jumped from her fingertips. All the air rushed from her lips. The hands on the clock lurched forward.

Another hand wrapped in latex wretched her hand away from the body. There was an audible pop like a circuit at been broken. Victoria felt her blood rush from her head. Her fingertips exploded. She clenched her hand and crumbled into the other man in scrubs.

She recovered in seconds and remembered propriety.

“What the hell was that?”

“N-Nothing,” Victoria replied. “It was just…the smell. Yeah, how long has this stiff been lying out?”

The pathologist cocked a perfectly manicured eyebrow at her. He shook his head and took the hedge clippers from the tray. She never did like how mundane the tools were. The everyday implements that could dismantle a human in minute. She thought that maybe the tools were more specialized in a County Coroner with a budget. Then again a Coroner with a budget wouldn’t be looking for a pair of hands out of Mortuary school.

He nodded towards the other side of the room. Maybe it was a charitable act. Get her away from the cadaver when he first plunged the tip of the snipers right above the groin. They would bite along the line of stitches swiftly chomping through sinew and the rib cage. She pondered if there was even anything recognizable left inside. If the cadaver’s internals were pulped from the frequent demonstrations. She hit play on the docked Ipod. Mozart streamed from the speakers.

While her back was turned he took the first plunge. She heard the blade slurp when he swung open the maw. Victoria whirled on the balls of her feet when she heard the Pathologist’s bagged shoes slosh back from the table. A vermillion line dripped down from his goggles, spotted his face mask, and splattered his apron.  His eyes were just whites, and the bare spots on his forehead between splotches of blood were ashen.

The blood on the floor soaked through the baggies right down to her socks when she approached the body. The scent of formaldehyde danced in her nostrils – that new corpse smell. The cadaver was rapidly draining its fluids that should have been long gone by now. Victoria approached as if in a dream. She laid her hands on the great wooden handle of the shears. The Pathologist stood frozen in place.

She could have sworn she saw the slight heave the cadaver’s chest. A rookie mistake. Every teacher had to remind the Morgue virgins that it was just their imagination. She plunged the blade further. The blood kept coming. The cadaver’s eyes flashed open. He lurched forward and took her wrists in his hand. Victoria furrowed her blood spattered brow and closed the scissors. The cadaver was split down the middle.

He wouldn’t stop screaming.

It’s alive! It’s alive!

She thrust the blade deeper into the even softer tissue. The hedge clippers continued gnashing its teeth until he stopped.  The Pathologist laid a dripping red hand on her shoulder. She knocked him flat on the ground when she withdrew the scissors. She was suffocating. She tore her face mask loose and shredded her apron. She widened the neck line on her scrubs. She still couldn’t breath. She clawed at her bare white neck before collapsing on the slab.

Submitted by Chase Henderson

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  1. xEmox

    There were some wierd adjectives in that story.

  2. eepshyes

    I agree with xEmox. Interesting choice of words. I kind of liked it for a while, but it made the story less clear.

  3. Critic

    That was a rather abrupt ending. Not the best I’ve seen. Far from it actually. A couple typo fixes and maybe a better storyline would help it out. Maybe I just missed something but how she just suddenly died at the end left me…unfulfilled.

  4. Sinfulskitz

    SeRIOUsly DOn’t KNOw WHaT HAPpEnED? CONfUsED AnD UnAWaRE????????????????????????????????????????

  5. ACWN

    I agree with Critic… the ending made me go “Wait… what?”

  6. Samhain

    I didn’t get it at first, but I think I might have some form of a grasp on the story. It seems farfetched, though. She brought the corpse to life when she made contact with it?

  7. Mordrith

    This seems to have elements of several different stories mashed together. The reader is left with no definitive idea as to what is going on, and not enough evidence of the supernatural in the corpse, or psycological distress from the main character to come to a conclusion. Was she simply hallucinating ? Did the corpse actually come to life ? Was it not actually a corpse ? It isn’t that the imagery is poor, it simply doesn’t make sense.

  8. srsly

    What’s wrong with you guys? You come over from babytown creepypasta? That was pretty good. Been gone a while and I look forward to reading some quality stuff.

  9. lalalaaa

    i just read it for like, the 4th time, and i think i get it.
    the pathologist is killing the students, and using as them as cadavers, right?

  10. outis

    Eyebrows aren’t manicured, unless you happen to have eyes on your hands. Hey, it happens; remember Pan’s Labyrinth?

  11. zbeeblebrox

    The final paragraph needs to be clearer – there are like three things happening within the same thought process, and I can’t really unweave any of them. Also, it’s missing an ending.

    I like it though. It’s well-told…in an unfinished sort of way.

  12. Just Call Me Ted

    There’s a line between mysterious and woefully unintelligible. This crossed the into unintelligible around the point where “balls of the feet” are mentioned.

  13. dead_john

    The many typos, grammar mistakes and incoherent story ruined it. The story had promise, but.. It’s been done before (on TV and in Hollywood), on top of which this one read like something a high school student slapped together just hours before his assignment was due.

    At least put some fucking effort into it.

  14. limited time only

    This is pronoun soup. Often, you have to read and re-read sentences just to clear up which character is performing an action.

  15. Alex


    Girl’s got HINAMIZWA SYNDROME ‘fo serious.

    Nevertheless, I liked the story very much, and the twist at the end gives it a nice touch. Sort of makes me wonder whether there was a sort of ‘supernatural’ detail being played in the story or she was just mad.

  16. Needs Improvement

    This story definitely needs some serious improvement. Big let down. It started strong, but wasn’t able to maintain all the way through. For me, this fizzled out by the end.

  17. Jason


  18. Jack

    What. Just. Happened.

  19. DavidJCobb

    I think I figured it out.

    It’s a corpse that has been reused in demonstrations over and over again. The feeling of electricity that Victoria experiences when touching it… Somehow, that brings the corpse back to life. I guess like some kind of supernatural defibrillator? As part of the reanimation, the corpse started producing blood…

    …Which it shed when the pathologist started cutting into it — much to his surprise, since by then that corpse should’ve been completely drained of fluids. The body became more and more animated, and in sheer terror Victoria (re)killed it.

    Victoria then either passes out from hyperventilation, or suffocates to death inexplicably. Most probably the former.

  20. wizardbaker

    And then a skeleton popped out.

    lol, just kidding. There stories alright.

  21. Rose

    Makes no sense at all, and because it doesn’t I can’t say I enjoyed it.

  22. Angel

    Confusing. Just…what happened. I understand some of it, but the plot is foggy. Though its still enjoyble, and i LOVE open to intereptaion endings. Well done.

  23. Melody

    I think that she brought the cadaver to life through their physical contact. I mean, that much was obvious by the end. And as for her inexplicable death, I believe when she accidentally reanimated the cadaver it was actually a freak form of life force transference or sharing; so when she (re)killed it, she also destroyed part of her own life force (soul or what have you) and she died herself.

  24. KC

    It’s a pretty clear riff on the Frankenstein story, what with her name being the feminine form of Victor (von Frankenstein), her touch being electric and the screaming of “It’s alive!” The ending could certainly be stronger and the writing tightened, but overall not bad.

  25. Whatisgoingon

    “Perfectly manicured eyebrows”? Last time I checked, you can only get a manicure for your fingernails. I also didn’t see the point of bringing that to light. Sort of made me wonder if something were going to happen to his eyebrows since they were mentioned or something. In a book, it’s acceptable, because you have a lot of space to develop your plotline in, but in a novel? I think you should focus more on the actual story. I don’t know. I just thought it was weird.

    It also seemed like the story was extremely rushed, the language isn’t clear at all, the use of big words is pretty heavy on a lot of places. It made it very difficult to read. I couldn’t really grasp what was going on most of the time, I didn’t get the plot at all. It has potential to become something greater, but you just need to take more time to figure out how to put your story in words first :)

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