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Candle Cove Revisited

by on Jul.13, 2009, under Submitted

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Subject: Candle Cove local kid’s show?

i found it and its louder than i remmber

Someone from the creepypasta.com thread actually put that video together! How flattering! It is legitimately scary and pretty much what I imagined that awful last episode to look like (except for the Christmas tree, anyway). Great job and I’m so thrilled.

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  1. Ashland Guy

    I’m probably more thrilled you found it than you are I made it.

  2. kusan

    This scared the hell out of me… I won’t lie. I thought the whole Candle Cove thing was bogus, but to see it… holy shit… Is this actually real?

  3. Dustin

    the last frame just before the static is legitimately creepy.

  4. Xivver

    Strange they’d put together a children show that just consisted of television snow and static. I found the whole video pretty boring and uneventful I must say.

  5. venti

    Anyone who loved the Candle Cove story will appreciate this. I was seriously freaked out.

  6. SadSackJack

    Brilliant. I loved the candle cove story.

  7. Lyme

    I have been convincing people on http://omegle.com/ all night that I can only see static from start to finish, or that it begins at 0:56, instead of 0:20 like it actually does, describing the flesh taker, and some such.

  8. schiz

    Why is the whole video full of static?

  9. Myles

    Bro WTH all that vid is is static

  10. Emma

    Oh Christ, those screams and the Skintaker in his coffin oh Christ Nightmare Fuel!

  11. Alissa

    Some people on the vids comments are trolling… I think.
    I see static up to about 0:39 and at 0:38 I see that pig thing. I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone else sees.

  12. Dr. Cadaver

    Wow. I thought all that was a hoax! And I have to admit, I got a little spooked by the fact that different people are saying the static starts at different times… Also, I SWEAR, I was watching it really closely and never saw the last frame before the static, yet I went back and fast-forwarded to right before the static, and saw it. I’m actually kinda creeped out right now.

  13. Sid

    where is it posted? I wanna see!!!!

  14. mookster

    must take this over to omegle…and read the candle cove story again

  15. dork

    it was better in my imagination maybe ill keep it that way

  16. Anon

    Not sure if the people who frequent this site are aware, but 4chan’s /x/ board has taken quite a liking to the Candle Cove story. I’m pretty sure it was an inhabitant of /x/ who made the video, could be wrong.



  17. Erp

    You guys seriously didn’t see the boat? o_O

  18. Grev

    I saw the boat, and the video had no static at all, what are you talking about?

  19. Lumiere

    I thought the creepiest part was when the boat started talking and then it faded away into static at 0:45.

  20. lady

    all i saw was ten minutes of static, did anyone watch the whole thing?

  21. some guy

    wtf…i watched the video but after the man wearing the bear costume its just static…wtf again but before that its scary as shit.holy hell m8 this is creepy shit how could some stuoid channel publish such a mutilation of a puppet show.damn jesus christ this is ftwbbqomg

  22. Red67

    Consumers have many questions about their drinking water. ,

  23. Moncrieff

    Wow, Holy crap! That was definitely spooky. Whoever put that together deserves a medal.

  24. mike_painter65

    wow. ive seen the video before but i honestly dont want to watch it again

  25. firewolf

    what channel did this show used to be on?

  26. Catherine

    Seriously now, what boat? Because all I saw was static and a little pop up that told me to watch the boat-thing’s eyes. But there wasn’t one? After that strange thing at 0:38, all I saw was static.

  27. William

    I know this whole thing was all just a fun creepypasta type thing, but ever since I’ve watched the video, I’ve been having weird nightmares, all pertaining to the skin-taker guy. I know it’s just my over-active imagination and that it’s not something spooky happening, but that’s still pretty weird, you know?

  28. Momoko

    This whole story has interested me greatly… up until now, I’ve never heard about this show, and I’d like to see more of it. This video itself is very creepy, and it just gets worse reading everyone’s comments. All I can see is clips of puppets, a skeleton, a little girl crying, and I can hear screaming, up until 0:38 where theres a picture of something I don’t know (however, it’s pretty effin scary as well). Then, a low-pitched, continuous beep begins along with static for the rest of the video. From 0:39 until the very end, all I can see is static and all I can hear is that irritating beep. After a while, a little box comes up that says to watch the boat’s eyes. But I see no boat. Just static. And, from the comments above, some people saw the opposite of what I did… this is just creepy. I feel compelled to do a little more reaserch on this show…

  29. Reed

    It’s a camera trick.You have to have a dominant left eye to see it.

  30. P.T.L.

    I have a dominant right eye. FUUUUU–

  31. Toga

    Seriously guys, what are we looking at?

  32. girlfrumnever

    What the heck was that thing on the first video? It was DEFINITELY not a bear, whoever suggested that. And I saw no boat. None at all..

  33. Sniffer

    This is done on PURPOSE guys, to make you scared… That’s all, and BTW – this is pretty creepy, but isn’t it physically impossible? I mean – science does not lie – if the screen emits some sort of waves that only some humans can see, than it’s impossible to catch it on the camera, because it’s not the movie creating these images,but you damn brain, get it? It’s like you can’t capture a footage of what you see after LSD, because you’re the only one seeing that, so whats the point?
    And – I wonder what the plot is? Because a paranormal entinity manifesting itself as a cartoon is a little too much…

  34. Mike

    I don’t get it, it’s just static. This is a lame-ass meme. Is the joke really just to post a video of static and pretend you see some crazy show? :|

  35. gina

    Holy shit. This is no joke. I was watching the video on my phone and after it was over it showed the different colored bars that are on tvs when it goes beeeep and it just kept going and didn’t stop. I’m scard now guys.

  36. curious guy

    okay Ive recently discovered this candle cove stuff and have been trying to learn as much as I can soo PLEASE if you have ANY information on it please say something Im especialy intrested in where this show was aired thank you

  37. Researcher

    I saw it on creepypasta and /x/, but my research shows there really is something F’d up here, the creepypasta was based off of a real happening in WV in the 70′s, the screams and static were real, the boat thing however is a lie, BUT you can see Janices eye falling out IN the static at 0:54

  38. Hailey

    OMFG I watched the whole thing, and I read Candle Cove a while ago, and I was just like: meh that was a little scary but mostly kind of silly. Then I read the comments here and people kept talking about a bear. So I downloaded the movie and clocked from frame to frame, and there is some scary shit on this.

  39. A

    A friend got me over to this,telling me to watch it. I did,and was shocked. It was like an acid trip and 0:35 was just creepy. To Reseacher, what was the happening? I’d like to know. My senses want to call this bullshit. But I’m not ready to based on the clip. I might just be a sucker,but this thing is legetimatly disturbing to me. I’m really interested in this,so please send me any information you got. Or share it here. The video said the boat (Laughingstock)comes up. But I didn’t see it. Maybe my astimagatism affected it. Idk.

    Where the hell did this air? And who made it? Whoever did is fucking weird,and deserves a medal.

  40. Dave Rochester

    I’m going to investigate about this “Candle Cove” show. This is really scary, because i remember waking up to watch a show called Candle Cove or at least a similiar name. I hope i don’t get hurt. I’m scared. I don’t know if i should go investigate or not, i really want to, but then again i don’t… i’m confused.

  41. maiku

    Hey…for all you who see only static, try covering your dominate eye(presumably right eye). I just did it and I saw something, not exactly the show, but something indeed.

  42. Lily

    I saw all the puppets screaming and dancing around (haha) until like 0:38, then there was manbearpig, and then just static until the end, which had those colorful bar thingies that someone else said something about earlier. U know, the ones that show after a technical diffuculty, with the really loud beep. This is xtremely creepy!!! I don’t get how some ppl don’t see it tho…..

  43. Moriarty

    I get that the original story was supposed to be about things like h.r. pufinstuff and lidsville, but why on earth dont they cut that stuff together and take out the canned laughter?

    that video was just common previous youtube ‘popular’ videos and cut together very lazily. the setup story really deserves a better vid. DO BETTER.

  44. Gadford Gobblecoque

    The show is fake, and the video is fake. I mean, the video is REAL, obviously, but it’s not really a recording of “Candle Cove”. It’s just a video someone pulled together to make the Candle Cove story more believable. The OP made it clear that the video was just a home made piece of work to scare you into thinking Candle Cove was ever a real show.

  45. Renzz

    C’mon guys, I know you’re lying. I saw the whole video with no static at all.

  46. danny

    i think this is becoming abit of a stupid joke now guys, all of it was just static with a loud bleeping noise in the background

  47. Harlan Pirrotta

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  48. Wolfman

    My interpertation of the “static” bit has always been that it never was really static, just that it was a local programming station with a REALLY weak signal. I don’t know if anyone remembers what it was like to watch old TV shows, but kids would often be much more willing to watch a TV station where you had to listen to hear the sound and watch to see the picture than adults would. Since it didn’t quite come in, adults just saw it as static and would ask why we were watching a station that didn’t come in. I had some of those “not quite coming in” stations on tape and lo and behold, I can still watch them today, but I now see what was meant by how it just looks like dead air.

  49. Jake

    I saw what lily saw, but a couple seconds before
    it ended i saw some puppet in a brown cape
    and top hat start walking towards the screen and
    he was grinding his teeth as it ended it turned to static
    and i still hear the grinding, what the heck
    is that noise

  50. Jake

    I know see something in the corner of my eye, also why is
    there a damn dancing clown in the corner of the screen,
    its freaking me out, seriously

  51. devilgatedrive

    No, I didn’t just see static, but it wasn’t really that creepy besides. I mean, I was caught off guard with it because it took a while to load and started unexpectedly, and it was louder than I anticipated so my volume was up pretty high, so I was a bit shocked by the screaming, but aside from that I don’t really see what’s so awful about this.

  52. ThebratPrince79

    Janices eye falling out in the static at 0:54. Saw the whole thing frame by frame, change the color Monochrome and add some color….not to pretty. I don’t know….this was made in the 70?

  53. Tim Heiler ESteemed KINdergarten TeAther. KERpow!

    Yo, Oh my god, U are very Awesome. REally, No EXiT sign can do this.

  54. ArcticKayla

    I hope someday a kids’ show actually gets made called ‘Candle Cove’. It will be completely normal and unassuming. But for all the people who heard this story… we’ll probably forbid our children to watch it and tape every episode.

  55. Inky

    I watched the video TWICE and I can not see the boat AT ALL or when people are claiming it’s eye is falling out.

    Really what the hell?!?!?

  56. That Kid

    Actually I think it was an actual show in the seventies. But there is so little known about it. I wish I could find more, but meh. It is what it is I guess. Still creepy as hell.

  57. Fone


  58. R

    I saw the a video about candle cove and was interested in the story so i reseached.I saw this video you guys were/are talking about and it scared me (the manpigbear is just plan creepy) I saw static to but i still heard screaming for a few seconds and then nothing just that loud beep. Im just surprised that this was a kids show.

  59. Raiki

    Ha ha ha either everyone here is a troll or they’re just gullible nitwits. Funny how seriously everyone is taking this.

  60. Desirae

    This is creepy as hell and I am terrified to go to sleep why the hell would anyone think that anyone would make this up?!? How about you jack ass who obviously are blind go die of massively horrible butt hurt and burn in hell for all of eternity.

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