Ichor Falls


by on Dec.03, 2008, under Meta

Submissions have started to slow, guys. It ain’t that your stories aren’t good enough, there’s just a lot fewer. Plus I think the passing of Halloween made everyone feel less creepy.

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  1. Gauntlet

    I am not a writer of prose or poetry. That being said, I miss coming here and seeing a new tale every couple of days.

    Keep it up! We (the faceless internet masses) enjoy your stuff!

  2. ilitchev

    Yeah, I agree. I’d submit but I don’t want to just mash together a crappy story for the sake of updating.

    And hey, writers, if you’re strapped for ideas post-Holloween, why not write some creepy Christmas stories? Biggest number of suicides are during the holiday season after all…

  3. Xavier Brentwood

    I have four more stories in the works but have been rather busy with other considerations lately. Probably won’t be done until late December.

    -applying for a new job, acronyms might not mean what you think

    -vacations let you get away from it all

    -police officers wax philosophical until their prey catches them (or, “be careful what you eat”)

    and, stealing one from your forum post, Kris, if that’s OK

    -a local tavern doesn’t have electricity, but why?

  4. Dylan Charles

    I have a few just laying around that I think are good enough, but I dunno if they really fit in with the overall feel of the site.
    And I think I have an idea for a story set in Ichor Falls, which would be a first for me.

  5. Matt Gosper

    I have a “creepy door to door salesman” story fermenting but I put it off because the door-knocking priest went up as I was processing it. Dang!

    So maybe i’ll submit that one soon!

  6. Matt McArdle

    Don’t let my priest hold you back. And its the end of the semester and things are crazy round here! No time for stories!

  7. David C. Warren

    It’s not allowing me to post.

    I’d love to, but the code doesn’t like me?

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